Ct 101 Final

By Sherry Shivprasad

Fashion street style has a great influence on me because I see it as away to express myself and to be different than other people. Most of the time I notice different age groups of people dressed up for their busy day ahead while I’m walking around. I recognize people who stand out whether it is because of their glossy shoes, pin strip pants, ripped clothing, bright colored outfits or sweat suits. Most of time time people mix different styles of clothes together for a complete outfit such as a long sweater with a classy feminine dress, or a ripped up jeans jacket with button up shit and a dress pants. These people street style clothing is inspiring to me because I learned that it’s important to have confidence while being in public and other people will recognize a person who has their own unique style of clothes to wear.              Hollywood StYlE Vs. Street sTyLe

            TODAY IS A NEW DAY

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Sleeping Beauty In her World ‘)

Welcome to the world of animations and GIFS I created a realistic sleeping beauty. When I was a little kid I always wondered what sleeping beauty would be like moving especially in just one glimpse. I feel that in CT 101 I have a chance to explore and create new images and GIFS that I have never seen before. As I was working on this GIF I knew that sleeping beauty is already a cartoon figure, but it’s so much different now since I changed the colors of the original photo and I made some of Sleeping beauty’s facial features and hair move.

       Taking the Digital Storytelling 101 class has been a great experience thus far for me. The resources that are available on the web can help me to create my own Graphics Interchange Format (GIFS), animated images, and short clips which I plan to share on my blog. Pictures and animations can become all unique because I can recreate something that is already on the internet into my own. This is done by simply editing or adding my own features to it. Also, this class requires me to focus on using the web to complete assignments and to produce my work. Therefore, I can share articles, links, images, videos, and GIFS with everyone.       This Is An Amazing Skill To                                                                                                                         Have! 

Panoramic Scene Set Up 

I was apart of setting up the scene for this panoramic photo. I learned that it takes time and patience to get all of the props ready. Also, to set up this scene all of the people and the mannequins had to be in a bright area. My classmates and I worked together to make this unique photo.   The scene was so DrAmAtIc.

In CT 101 I have learned how to create GIFS, memes, a vapor waves images, Photoshop and illustrator techniques, capturing a picture with a panoramic view, including hyperlinks into my blogs, and how to build my website from the ground up.  All of these elements have come together to create my unique website that illustrates the essences of my progression. I am grateful for the opportunity of taking this class to gain the skills and knowledge for my future endeavor. I will continue to create arts works that display my talents and share resources.

My final grade for CT 101 class is A+. I have worked very diligently to complete new projects that I have created from the start. I used my time wisely to accomplish my class assignments on due dates. I went further than just completing the tasks because I showed that I have used the skills that I learned to make each project particular to my interest. Furthermore, I participated in class activities that would assist me in completing the assignments. 

I enjoyed engaging in the class through activities, using the computer, learning about the software, having time to ask questions, receiving feed back, working in groups, learning from classmates, and the professor.  I will apply my new skills into the world by using these techniques into my journalism career. I have learned easy methods that can save time while being done on the computer. Also, I could fix my website to showcase a variety of my skills that I posses. I will not keep this website because I have another word press account. Therefore, I will save all of the work I have complete on this website, so that I can add it to my other word press account. 

The Life Behind Muppets, Costumes, and The Mask

By Sherry Shivprasad

Photo credit, caption, and video clip by Sherry Shivprasad

This is your chance to see several clips of characters from Sesame Street all at once plus more.


It is Miss Piggy backstage scene of her modeling career and her COVER GIRL photo shoot.


Miss piggy is dressed in her beautiful wedding dress on an unforgettable day when she married Kermit the frog and they had a happy everlasting marriage.

This is a mask from the movie “The Mask” played by Jim Carrey in 1994. Get a real life close up to this mask that took on several realistic personalities.


The costumes that movie actors and actresses worn is still treasured on manikins.

York College Hosts The World Science Festival Allowing Children to Explore

City Council Member Cory Johnson Supports Lowering Tuition For All CUNY Students

Photo Credit by Sherry Shivprasad




Cory Johnson  had visited the Queens College campus on Nov 16 where he gave an insight to the changes that he wants to push for.

Speaker Johnson stated a proposal that could be implemented to CUNY Colleges “Speaker Johnson supports access to affordable college for all New Yorkers and would support an effort to lower tuition at CUNY schools,” according to Johnson’s spokesperson Jacob Tugendrajch.

Speaker Johnson acknowledged that CUNY students are paying a high price for tuition when many of them still have to pay out of pocket for their tuition or a portion of it in addition to their books and personal expenses.

Speaker Johnson is a New York City Council member for the third district of Manhattan.The third district covers Chelsea, Hudson Square, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, West Soho, Flatiron, Times Square, The Garment District, Columbus Square, Upper West Side, and the meatpacking District.

Speaker Johnson is 36 years old and is wants to make a significant difference in people’s lives in New York City. Speaker Johnson joined the Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4) in 2005, It was his determination to help to strengthen the social safety net.

Lowering tuition for CUNY students is one issue that Johnson backs while “This is State policy, and tuition hikes or cuts would have to be implemented through the state budget process or state legislation,” according to speaker Johnson’s spokesperson Jacob Tugendrajch.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has the option to sign the CUNY tuition reduction proposal. There has been improvements that will help CUNY students to attend a more economical and resourceful funding college.

In the NEW YORK STATE website an article “Governor Cuomo Announces Highlights Of The FY 2019 Budget” stated that “The Budget provides SUNY and CUNY with more than $200 million in new resources. The Budget provides $7.6 billion in State support for higher education in New York. His investment includes $1.2 billion for strategic programs to make college more affordable and encourage the best and brightest students to build their future in New York.”

Speaker Johnson had recalled when The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) once covered for graduate school and summer classes “It has decreased because college students have to apply for loads,” according to Johnson.

Immigration Policies That is Changing America

By Sherry Shivprasad

img_20181001_091158Photo and credit by Sherry Shivprasad

The Queens Social Security Card Center on 160th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

President Donald Trump’s new policies have impacted the people’s lives of America. President Trump has served two years in office, but he has caused controversies to many people such as politicians, American citizens, non-citizens, and he has made a
lot of changes since he became president.

img_20181001_090723Photo and credit by Sherry Shivprasad

Jose Vellez standing on the left wearing black.

Jose Vellez, 42, lives in Jamaica, Queens and has emigrated from Columbia to the United States. There is new protocols and policies that Trump has made which have changed many people’s lives in Americans and it has affected other populations in foreign countries.  Vellez says, I feel that’s terrible, I think every family deserve to be with each other it doesn’t matter their race.”  

img_20181001_090735Photo and credit by Sherry Shivprasad

Jose Vellez waiting in line at the Queens Social Security Card Center.

President Trump had enforced laws which he says will “Make America Great Again.” The president have created laws that will affect the immigrant population in America. Vellez, said the economic is getting better and there’s not too much work.” Furthermore, there is a vast rate of deportations and arrests.  In the BBC NEWS article,Ten Ways Trump has changed America” by Anthony Zurcher it states that there are people from various countries who have been denied entry into the United States such as, the people from several Middle Eastern countries. Also, children who are under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) are no longer protected by this act because it is currently under suspension and there
has been visa terminations for thousands of visitors. Vellez says “It’s terrible to go back.”

img_20181001_091514Photo and credit by Sherry Shivprasad

The letter is for an appointment Kumar Singh says “it’s to go in with the date and time which is today at 10:30 AM.”

Kumar Singh has his fingerprint appointment letter for his citizenship at Mc Donalds 159-01 Jamaica Avenue.


Kumar Singh, 34 from Guyana lives in Jamaica, Queens and he works with creating steel frames at Baco Enterprise. He cannot vote now Singh says “I am currently under the process of waiting to take my fingerprints, photo, and I am studying for the citizenship test.” Furthermore more people are interested in this midterm election Singh said “It effect people for instance when people are traveling on the train to Manhattan. I experienced this several times and I almost missed my doctor’s appointment and she had to come back in to see me. This is because of the delays in the train it was the E and A train on the same track.” The policies that the president have made thus far will definitely be judged by the midterm elections voters who are American citizens. This is a chance for the voters to choose members from the Republican or Democratic Party to represent them in the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

img_20181001_092721Photo and credit by Sherry Shivprasad

Kumar Singh said “I’m going to get my fingerprints done today” then he will register to vote.

Each political party will either lose their seats or gain new ones. In the United States House of Representatives there are 100 seat open and 35 seats from the United States Senate will be available. As a result, the more seats that a party receives means that they will win the midterm elections. Singh does not think the Republicans will win the Midterm elections.  Singh says “A representative for Trump said on television I drink beer, I drink beer, I drink beer about ten times around 10 PM yesterday. I felt uncomfortable because it looks bad in people’s eyes. He had a glass of water and he showed the signs of him drinking it like it was beer. It hurts young people to see this and what will they think about.” Moreover, the final results of the midterm elections that will occur on Nov. sixth will enable the winning party to be responsible of setting the agenda for United States.

Concerns With Kavanaught’s Conformation and The Mid-Terms Election


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

In the NPR article “The Women’s Wave: Backlash To Trump Persists, Reshaping Politics In 2018” the midterms election women’s role will be crucial in determining whether the Republican or Democratic party will win. Cassita Charles is an assistant and office manager at the York College Women’s Center, from Brooklyn. Charles says “Trump is not a good president he is a buffoon, ignorant, immature, a bully and should not have been elected to do the job.” Women across the world protested when Donald Trump was inaugurated and is the largest protest in the U.S history says the Washington Post.


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Amy Chomsky an ophthalmologist attended the Washington, D.C. Chomsky says “It’s a shame that we have to still be fighting for women’s rights or saying that we have a right to decide on our own reproductive health. We have a right to equal pay. It’s a shame that we’re still doing this.” Lesly Alvarez 24, who is an x ray assistant from Long Island said “I’m more for abortions than against it. You can tell Brett Kavanaugh will jump on it once there is a chance to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.” Kavanaugh does not believe in abortions therefore the Roe v. Wade  a 1973 Supreme Court that legalized abortion in the U.S could be in jeopardy.


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Chomsky was politically active by raising awareness with yard signs, participating in fundraiser and in political donations that were for Democratic women. According to a Democratic Pollster Celinda Lake says women are impacting society in their roles by volunteering in Democratic campaigns, running for office and some women are voting for women Democratic. Women can make a difference Charels says “We all have to vote and push the Republicans back. It starts by putting the right people in office.”


Photo and credit by Sherry Shivpraasd

Ever since, 1964, women were successful at outnumbering men in national elections. In recent years women have outvoted men in several million every election year. In this midterm election the gender gap is expected to grow larger because there are a lot more women who are Democratic according to an NPR analysis. Alvarez said “I do not think so, because midterm election is notoriously low. There’s a lot of Democratic women and there’s people voting with party lines. ”


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

In the CNN Politics article “Republicans worry Kavanaugh allegation could drive suburban women away in midterms” by Eric Bradner it says Trump tweeted “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!” This is Trump’s reaction to Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford. Although Kavanaugh’s accuser came forward about him sexually attacking her there were no severe penalties that he faced because he is now a U.S supreme Court Justice. Alvarez says “I don’t agree with people holding up against Kavanaugh’s allegations. At the Senate hearing he is screaming about drinking beer and his calendar and saying I didn’t do it, I didn’t do, I didn’t do it. Kavanaugh answers questions that was not proposed by the Senators and he repeatedly said I didn’t lose my virginity at that time.”


Photo and Caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh is not the most horrific allegation. in the 2016 election a “Access Hollywood” tape has Trump boosting that he can sexually assault women because he is a celebrity. When it comes to sexual assaults Alvarez says “The me-too movement will be a lot easier for sexual assault issues to come out publicly. It is a chain reaction.”


Garbage and Food Is Laying Around The York College Campus

Photos and text by Sherry Shivprasad

On a regular day at the York College Campus it is easy to spot papers, pens, napkins, drink bottles, food containers, food sauce and sometimes bugs crawling around. Most of the garbage bins are completely fulled to the maximum with all kinds of fast foods and snacks. Students have to study and eat while they are at the campus, but the environment could be cleaner. The staff, faulty, and students can help to contribute towards maintaining a healthy and neat environment.

IMG_0400.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

These chairs are in front of the career center on the third floor of the York College campus. I shot this image at an angle where I was able to get natural light on the subject which is of the packet on the floor, the napkins on the chair, and the papers on the table. Also, I went closer up to the subjects to get a  direct view of it. This image is very clear, it has natural light, and in focused. The photo’s metadata has an aperture value of 4.625, it is on manual exposure, f-stop is 5, focal length is 33,  ISO speed is 400, and the shutter speed 1/40.

IMG_0401.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

This image I shot first even though I was able to capture the garbage surround the chairs the image is grainy and there is very little amount of natural light. This made the image dark. The metadata of this photo has an aperture value of 4.625, a set manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO is 400 speed, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 42.

IMG_0412.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

A female in the York College library was eating a LOUISIANA KITCHEN POPEYES  meal and having a drink in the quiet study area. This  image has an abundance of natural light and ceiling lights. I directly focused the camera on my subject. The metadata of this image has an aperture value of 4.625, set on manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO speed rating is 400, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 31.

IMG_0402.jpgPhoto and caption  by Sherry Shivprasad

In the York College library a female was using the computer. Her work area had a lot of papers, a soda on the desk, and napkins on the floor. This image came out blurry. The metadata of of this photo has an aperture value of 4.625, set manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO speed is 400, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 32.

IMG_0411.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

I went closer  to the subject and tilted the camera upward to get more light into the camera’s lens.  However,  when I took the first image it was tricky for me to get a brightly lighted and clear image. This is my third time shooting the image to get this result. The metadata of this photo has an aperture value of 4.625, set on manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO speed is 400, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 31.

IMG_0422.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

In the cafeteria there is a table  that had a few packets of duck sauce. Some of the packets we’re leaking out sauce onto the table. I have tried several attempts to get an image bright enough that would show clearly that there was duck sauce on the table and  it was leaking. I had to stick the camera out of a corner while I snapped the photo to get a bright image. This step allowed me to get the natural light into the camera’s lens. The metadata of this image has an aperture value of 4.625, it is set on manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO speed is 400, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 20.

IMG_0421.jpgPhoto and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

The table and the background was extremely dark and blurry. The closer I was to the table the less light went into the camera’s lens and my subject was below. I needed to get the light to shine on the table. I had to move away from the table in order to get the light into the camera’s lens. The metadata of this photo has an aperture value of 4.625, it is set on manual exposure, f-stop is 5, ISO speed rating is 200, shutter speed is 1/40, and the focal length is 20.

The Affects Of People Lives During Hurrican Florence

Photos and captions by Sherry Shivprasad

In Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina rivers have severely flooded over and it will continue. CNN says, Government officials have sent a warning to residents who live close to the water to beware of the more dangerous flooding.

img_20180924_093450Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Sangya Khandro is on her way to class at York College

Sangya Khandro is a nursing student at York College. Khandro lives in Jackson Heights, Queens and works at Genji Whole Foods making sushi. There has been a lost in food production which are due to the effects of Hurricane Florence on the farms. Khandro says, “You can go without meat because people can become vegetarian.” The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says, North Carolina farmers have lost millions in poultry, and 5,500 pigs.

img_20180924_093509Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Tenzin Dolkar is on her way to class.

Tenzin Dolkar is majoring in political Science at York College and she is a sophomore who lives in Sunnyside, Queens. Dolkar tutors math and English to young children at Kumon. Dolkar says, “Ten chickens over one cow, still the chicken meat is less than the cow.” More than 8,100 people escaped from their flooded home CNN says, these people are staying in several different shelters located in Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, but 7,800 refugees  are sheltering in North Carolina. Thousands of people have lost their homes and residency in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia due to the effects of hurricane Florence. Khandro says, “I feel so horrible about it, but it is a natural disaster that you can’t control at all and it’s better escape.”

Two sheriff deputies were traveling with two mental ill people in a prison van. They were all caught in Hurricane Florence while traveling and were stuck in a flood. The deputies safely got out of the van without freeing the two patients which lead to their deaths. Khandro says,“The police officers should have went back to save the two people.” Also, Khandro said “I would have felt guilty” if she did not go back to help the two women who were trapped in the police van.  In addition, Dolkar does not believe that the police’s actions were right. Dolkar says, “They are police and their model is to help people, but they escaped themselves.”

img_20180924_093551Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Sangya Khandro is standing on the right and Tenzin Dolkar is on the left.

Love DIY Projects Here It Is

I am Sherry a junior and journalism major student at York College. As for the vast web I constantly spend my spear time looking at pictures, reading, and watching DIY project videos. At times it takes a few hours to completely look through all of the fascinating ways to make almost anything. What is more interesting to me is the amount of information several websites provide about a topic. The article, pictures, and videos on  Printest  may have forward links to another different topic to learn about with the help of images or videos to guide me along the learning process. It is amazing that thousands of people post videos, pictures and blogs about their career of creating things themselves. Also, this is an opportunity for anyone to learn a new skill or make use of resources that they can get or already have.

Making Use of Recycle and Nature