City Council Member Cory Johnson Supports Lowering Tuition For All CUNY Students

Photo Credit by Sherry Shivprasad




Cory Johnson  had visited the Queens College campus on Nov 16 where he gave an insight to the changes that he wants to push for.

Speaker Johnson stated a proposal that could be implemented to CUNY Colleges “Speaker Johnson supports access to affordable college for all New Yorkers and would support an effort to lower tuition at CUNY schools,” according to Johnson’s spokesperson Jacob Tugendrajch.

Speaker Johnson acknowledged that CUNY students are paying a high price for tuition when many of them still have to pay out of pocket for their tuition or a portion of it in addition to their books and personal expenses.

Speaker Johnson is a New York City Council member for the third district of Manhattan.The third district covers Chelsea, Hudson Square, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, West Soho, Flatiron, Times Square, The Garment District, Columbus Square, Upper West Side, and the meatpacking District.

Speaker Johnson is 36 years old and is wants to make a significant difference in people’s lives in New York City. Speaker Johnson joined the Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4) in 2005, It was his determination to help to strengthen the social safety net.

Lowering tuition for CUNY students is one issue that Johnson backs while “This is State policy, and tuition hikes or cuts would have to be implemented through the state budget process or state legislation,” according to speaker Johnson’s spokesperson Jacob Tugendrajch.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has the option to sign the CUNY tuition reduction proposal. There has been improvements that will help CUNY students to attend a more economical and resourceful funding college.

In the NEW YORK STATE website an article “Governor Cuomo Announces Highlights Of The FY 2019 Budget” stated that “The Budget provides SUNY and CUNY with more than $200 million in new resources. The Budget provides $7.6 billion in State support for higher education in New York. His investment includes $1.2 billion for strategic programs to make college more affordable and encourage the best and brightest students to build their future in New York.”

Speaker Johnson had recalled when The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) once covered for graduate school and summer classes “It has decreased because college students have to apply for loads,” according to Johnson.

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