Concerns With Kavanaught’s Conformation and The Mid-Terms Election


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

In the NPR article “The Women’s Wave: Backlash To Trump Persists, Reshaping Politics In 2018” the midterms election women’s role will be crucial in determining whether the Republican or Democratic party will win. Cassita Charles is an assistant and office manager at the York College Women’s Center, from Brooklyn. Charles says “Trump is not a good president he is a buffoon, ignorant, immature, a bully and should not have been elected to do the job.” Women across the world protested when Donald Trump was inaugurated and is the largest protest in the U.S history says the Washington Post.


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Amy Chomsky an ophthalmologist attended the Washington, D.C. Chomsky says “It’s a shame that we have to still be fighting for women’s rights or saying that we have a right to decide on our own reproductive health. We have a right to equal pay. It’s a shame that we’re still doing this.” Lesly Alvarez 24, who is an x ray assistant from Long Island said “I’m more for abortions than against it. You can tell Brett Kavanaugh will jump on it once there is a chance to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.” Kavanaugh does not believe in abortions therefore the Roe v. Wade  a 1973 Supreme Court that legalized abortion in the U.S could be in jeopardy.


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Chomsky was politically active by raising awareness with yard signs, participating in fundraiser and in political donations that were for Democratic women. According to a Democratic Pollster Celinda Lake says women are impacting society in their roles by volunteering in Democratic campaigns, running for office and some women are voting for women Democratic. Women can make a difference Charels says “We all have to vote and push the Republicans back. It starts by putting the right people in office.”


Photo and credit by Sherry Shivpraasd

Ever since, 1964, women were successful at outnumbering men in national elections. In recent years women have outvoted men in several million every election year. In this midterm election the gender gap is expected to grow larger because there are a lot more women who are Democratic according to an NPR analysis. Alvarez said “I do not think so, because midterm election is notoriously low. There’s a lot of Democratic women and there’s people voting with party lines. ”


Photo and caption by Sherry Shivprasad

In the CNN Politics article “Republicans worry Kavanaugh allegation could drive suburban women away in midterms” by Eric Bradner it says Trump tweeted “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!” This is Trump’s reaction to Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford. Although Kavanaugh’s accuser came forward about him sexually attacking her there were no severe penalties that he faced because he is now a U.S supreme Court Justice. Alvarez says “I don’t agree with people holding up against Kavanaugh’s allegations. At the Senate hearing he is screaming about drinking beer and his calendar and saying I didn’t do it, I didn’t do, I didn’t do it. Kavanaugh answers questions that was not proposed by the Senators and he repeatedly said I didn’t lose my virginity at that time.”


Photo and Caption by Sherry Shivprasad

Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh is not the most horrific allegation. in the 2016 election a “Access Hollywood” tape has Trump boosting that he can sexually assault women because he is a celebrity. When it comes to sexual assaults Alvarez says “The me-too movement will be a lot easier for sexual assault issues to come out publicly. It is a chain reaction.”


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