The Affects Of People Lives During Hurrican Florence

Photos and captions by Sherry Shivprasad

In Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina rivers have severely flooded over and it will continue. CNN says, Government officials have sent a warning to residents who live close to the water to beware of the more dangerous flooding.

img_20180924_093450Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Sangya Khandro is on her way to class at York College

Sangya Khandro is a nursing student at York College. Khandro lives in Jackson Heights, Queens and works at Genji Whole Foods making sushi. There has been a lost in food production which are due to the effects of Hurricane Florence on the farms. Khandro says, “You can go without meat because people can become vegetarian.” The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says, North Carolina farmers have lost millions in poultry, and 5,500 pigs.

img_20180924_093509Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Tenzin Dolkar is on her way to class.

Tenzin Dolkar is majoring in political Science at York College and she is a sophomore who lives in Sunnyside, Queens. Dolkar tutors math and English to young children at Kumon. Dolkar says, “Ten chickens over one cow, still the chicken meat is less than the cow.” More than 8,100 people escaped from their flooded home CNN says, these people are staying in several different shelters located in Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, but 7,800 refugees  are sheltering in North Carolina. Thousands of people have lost their homes and residency in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia due to the effects of hurricane Florence. Khandro says, “I feel so horrible about it, but it is a natural disaster that you can’t control at all and it’s better escape.”

Two sheriff deputies were traveling with two mental ill people in a prison van. They were all caught in Hurricane Florence while traveling and were stuck in a flood. The deputies safely got out of the van without freeing the two patients which lead to their deaths. Khandro says,“The police officers should have went back to save the two people.” Also, Khandro said “I would have felt guilty” if she did not go back to help the two women who were trapped in the police van.  In addition, Dolkar does not believe that the police’s actions were right. Dolkar says, “They are police and their model is to help people, but they escaped themselves.”

img_20180924_093551Photo by Sherry Shivprasad

Sangya Khandro is standing on the right and Tenzin Dolkar is on the left.

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